Nightmare Holidays: People who really needed Holiday Insurance

Why Holiday Insurance is a Lifesaver
August 27, 2016

Nightmare Holidays: People who really needed Holiday Insurance

A lot of people assume that getting holiday insurance is just a formality but sometimes you hear about

holidays that make you realize how important it is to have a safety net when abroad. Following are some

of the worst holiday stories where these travellers really could’ve benefitted from good holiday


Spider Woman

Sue Isaac, from Essex, UK was on holiday in Spain. She was relaxing by the pool, stretching out on the

sunbed when she felt a pinch on her bottom and saw a spider scurrying away. Writing it off as a normal

insect bite, she ignored it until she started feeling unwell a few days later. She rushed to the hospital

and was immediately admitted into intensive care as she had contracted an extremely rare flesh eating

disease from the bite. Her leg had grown to triple its size and the flesh had started to decay. Doctors

found fourteen types of bacteria in her leg wound and spent over 2 months removing the bacteria from

her leg along with dead tissue.

While the procedures were a success and she was eventually able to fly back home, the 2 extra months

of unexpected stay and medical expenses from the multiple operations she had would all have been

covered if she had holiday insurance.

No Green, No Scene

Originally from Ontario, Canada, Charles de Guille, was living in New York when he travelled to Paris,

France with his girlfriend. On his way back home after ten days of holiday bliss, he realized he had

forgotten his green card back in his apartment in New York. He had his passport and other necessary

documentation but the airline crew told him he could not get on the flight without his green card and he

would need to get a letter from the U.S embassy if he didn’t have it. Also, there were no flights back to

New York for another week. Spending another week in Paris at around 50 euros per night was a massive

problem for Charles as he had already maxed out his credit cards and had little cash on hand. He ended

up having to get money wired from the U.S to be able to survive the week.

This is exactly the kind of situation where holiday insurance can be a savior. If you’re covered for

unexpected delays, your lodging and expenses are paid for by your insurance.

Chaos in Rio

A number of British families holidaying in Rio, Brazil participated in a sit-in at their resort after it was

ransacked by rowdy locals who ate all the buffet food, dirtied the swimming pools, and stole their

belongings. Police reports were filed and investigations were held but no one could be deemed

accountable and their belongings were never returned.

Those of the groups who had holiday insurance had the blow softened by the fact that their insurance

covered the loss of their belongings and they were fully reimbursed.

So before you book your ticket, make sure you’ve got yourself covered. Holiday insurance is not just a

formality, it’s a necessity.