Types of Holiday Insurance

Types of Holiday Insurance: What you need to know

If you’re one of the responsible people who are planning to get holiday insurance before you embark on your trip, you should know what your options are and which one is the best for you. Following are some of the popular travel insurance types that you can get.
Single Trip Insurance
As the name suggests, this type of insurance covers you for a single trip abroad. It could be worldwide insurance but it normally just covers your destination(s) for the specific trip. If you are going on more than 2 trips per year, this might be a comparatively expensive option.
Multiple Trip Insurance
This is an annual coverage that covers you for multiple trips during a 12 month period. The number of trips that are covered would depend on your specific provider but most providers do not apply any sort of limit to the number of times you can travel within a year. The coverage can be worldwide or localized depending on your travel plans. The amount of time you can spend on any one trip is normally limited to 90 days. This is still by far the cheaper option for people who make more than 2 trips per year.
Winter Sports Insurance
If you’re planning to go snowboarding, sledging, skiing, or just rolling around in snow, you would need to get special winter sports coverage. As winter sports activities carry a larger risk of injury, normal insurance normally has an exclusion clause for any such injuries. Winter sports holiday insurance will also cover the expensive winter sports equipment that you are bound to have with you in case it is misplaced during your holiday.
Family/Group Insurance
People who are travelling in a group or with their family can take out just one policy for the whole party rather than getting separate cover for each individual. This is a much easier process and also reduces the overall cost greatly. A lot of providers offer free insurance for under-18 year olds travelling on family insurance.
Backpackers Insurance
Backpackers normally spend a lot of time away in a variety of destinations so specific holiday insurance is required for them. Providers would normally give you a custom made package depending on your travel plans and making sure you know where and what you are covered for before starting your journey is extremely important.
Over 65s Insurance
Due to the increased likelihood of illness and injury abroad, a lot of insurance providers flat out refuse to cover those over the age of 65 or provide coverage at very high premiums. That is why it is common practice to get specialized insurance for people over 65 that covers their specific needs properly.
Specific Insurance
If you are more scared about one part of your holiday than the other, you can opt for a specific holiday package to save some money. You can get baggage insurance, cancellation insurance, delay insurance, and even repatriation insurance if you want to just cover what you think is the greatest threat to your holiday.