Why Holiday Insurance is a Lifesaver

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August 26, 2016
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Why Holiday Insurance is a Lifesaver

Adventures are the best way to learn.

Learning can be fun when it entails experiencing nature in its finest and most beautiful forms, discovering the colorful variety of cultures the world has to offer and devouring the most tantalizing delicacies ever.
An adventure without holiday insurance however, can become a disaster. Imagine yourself scaling the majestic K2 Mountains and experiencing the “I’m on top of the world” feeling at the ice-capped peak. The world’s at your feet. And then suddenly, you lose your balance and you come face to face with the earth beneath your feet. It just takes a few moments for your ‘high moment’ to become the lowest, most anguishing feeling ever. Worse still, you won’t find a medical facility at such a height.
You feel like you’ve reached at a dead-end.
And here’s when your holiday insurance coverage takes over. With the Emergency Medical Assistance program, you’ll be transported to the nearest hospital via a road ambulance or an air ambulance. The best part? The program takes care of the transportation costs.Once you reach the hospital, the Hospital Benefit program takes over. This means that the program will cover the costs incurred to treat your injury-including the hospital bills, fees of the doctor as well as the cost of drug prescriptions.
Now that you’ve been advised complete bed rest, you begin to long for the familiar comfort of your home, specifically your cozy bedroom and ever-irresistible bed. However, you start fretting over all the money that’d be gone to waste as a result of your incomplete trip. Your worries, however, are not here to stay for long. Thanks to the Trip Interruption program, any financial loss that you incur as a result of cutting short your trip will be covered.

Let’s talk about another scenario.

So you’re all set to leave for your honeymoon. Suitcases packed, travel guides in hand, you can’t get over the overly-excited feeling.Until disaster strikes and your dearest grandfather suffers a heart attack on the night before you leave. All the enthusiasm’s vanished and you’re filled with an indescribable sense of anxiety and< foreboding. You decide to cancel all your plans despite all the money that’s gone into the planning of this trip.
Here’s where holiday insurance can prove to be a huge consolation.
With the Trip Cancellation program, you’ll be able to recover all the financial loss that you’ve incurred, including lost deposits as well as non-refundable transportation costs. Lastly, thefts and robberies are not uncommon in any part of the world. Whether you’re cruising on an island along the Mediterranean, exploring the rich history of a European city or experiencing Asian cuisine in its most exotic form, your belongings are at a constant risk of getting stolen or pickpocketed.
While it’s best to stay alert at all times, the Lost Luggage Program will cover for your valuables
in case you do lose them. This also includes the recovery of your passport within a timely manner. So before you embark on an adventure next time, do make sure that you’ve taken out a holiday
insurance plan that provides maximum coverage!